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  2. Mars wallpaper

    In the early hours of tomorrow (26th July 2014), Mars shifts from the sign of Libra where it has been for the best part of 6 months, because it went into retrograde motion for 2 and a half months between March and May, into the very different sign of Scorpio. Mars in Libra was all about relationships and fairness and standing up for and maybe even fighting for what you thought was right. Now in moving into Scorpio, Mars takes on a very, very different complexion. Libra can be all things to all people if it wants to be, after all this is the sign of relating and therefore you have to show different facets of your character to get on with different people. Mars in Scorpio doesn’t see things like this. With Scorpio, you love me or you hate me, we get on or we don’t. You see, there is no middle ground at all when planets are resident in this sign.

    Scorpio is a fixed water sign where as in Libra is a cardinal air one, so while previously we tended to get our desires and thoughts out in the open and act on them, from tomorrow we will do things in a much more secretive and emotional manner before we finally make our minds up on any course of action. Mars is happier in this sign than the last one where it was in detriment. Not surprising since Mars all about going forward and being positive and Libra is holding you back trying not to upset anyone. Mars in Libra was all about being considerate, in Scorpio, things are not going to be fair any more and someone is going to get hurt.

    Saying that, there is consideration here but on an internal level, we will keep things under our hats, brood on our actions for a long while until it is time to strike. I know as I have this position of Mars in Scorpio in my own natal chart. It often takes me a long, long time to make my mind up, and often in deciding to do something important I will get a knot in my stomach, I will get nervous and tied up into a complete emotional turmoil. A lot of us will never reveal our intentions to anyone, and we will have secrets and desires that you will never see on the surface. The only thing is that these motivations may stay bottled or stored up for weeks, months, maybe even years on end; it takes a huge effort to get them out into the open. The relief when we do finally act and make a positive decision is palpable, and then all the tension that builds up inside releases in a rush of energy. When those with Mars in Scorpio do act we are not half hearted at all, we tend not to leave anything on the table and a very ruthless side will appear. There is a huge amount of determination here and there is the potential for enormous concentration bordering on obsession. If you can harness the power and control of Scorpio with the boundless energy of Mars, you have a force to use that can be truly unstoppable.

    We can be the nicest of people to know, and we will do out upmost for anyone and we don’t really want to make any waves. The reason is that we instinctively know that if we do, then whole lives can be turned upside down, including our own. Therefore we smile sweetly and nod approvingly knowing that it is better to keep things on an even keel than to rock the boat. Those of us with Mars in Scorpio like myself won’t let anyone know about our intentions, we are intensely secretive, however when we do make a move, it will be a decisive and a very tough one. Jealousy in any situation is something we all have to guard against, and there is a sly manipulative side that comes out too, this is me being honest here!! Don’t ever think that those of us with Mars in Scorpio are outwardly aggressive as this is far from the case. If we can get the job done without hurting anyone, we will. Change for us with Mars in Scorpio is not easy, however so when committed to a course of action, it will be do or die process, quite literally a fight to the death. There is little room to move with Mars in the sign of the Scorpion once you set something in motion.

    In the world around us in the next month and a half (Mars in Scorpio until 13th September), things could get very nasty in the conflict zones that are already raging. Scorpio is the sign of intimate sharing, and you can’t get more intertwined than Gaza and Israel or the Ethnic Russians living in Ukraine. Mars entering this sign spells danger for these unstable parts of the globe as the mood of not backing down to the other intensifies more. My fear under this combination is that there will be no room for change or variation, and the objective of each side will just have to be achieved. There may be a lot of underhand and secretive moves now, this is a position of espionage, being sly and careful about what you reveal to others; a poker player’s dream position for sure. What you see in the news may not reflect what is happening in reality. This can also be a very brutal and violent combination if provoked and enraged, and the potential for unspeakable atrocity is very real with Mars in Scorpio. When the full force of anger is let loose, then it will not be pretty. Saturn is already in this house and with a conjunction between Mars and Saturn scheduled for the 23rd to 26th August, look out for some very disturbing headlines in the news.

    I feel that you will sense a big difference in the air from tomorrow as the last in a series of big planetary moves and sign changes finally occurs. We are into a new season, one where once we have decided to go in a stated direction, we will continue onwards until we have a resolution, one way or the other. None of this, maybe, possibly, let’s compromise to get things sorted, oh no!!  It’s finally time for decisive action, for change, and to eliminate indecision in our lives.

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  3. IsraelPalestine

    After the latest news today that an Israeli bomb hit a UN run school in Gaza killing 15 and injuring over 200 people, I decided to have a look at the Astrology between these two bitter rivals both squabbling over the same land. If you want to know why these enemies always seem to end up fighting and killing each other, just look at each Astrology chart against each other. It is very easy to see why…

    Palestine Isr

    In just 5 bullet point aspects, the picture is very very clear…

    1) Israeli Mars on Palestinian Ascendant. This is sheer aggression and arguments waiting to happen. Mars is just in the Palestinian 12th house so the aggression causes suffering and irritation to both parties.

    2) Israeli Sun on Palestinian Midheaven representing the leadership - This is a nasty one as the Israeli leader (currently Netanyahu) will always have jurisdiction over the running of Palestine…

    3) Israeli South Node conjunct Palestinian Pluto. This is a death spiral connection if ever I saw one. These two are locked together in a manipulative relationship where obsession and power are the keys, and unless they both bite the bullet, these issues will continually rise to the surface.

    4) Palestinian Pluto square Israeli Pluto & Saturn - Power verses power, control vs control - this will never cease as they both fight kick and scream to get the upper hand on each other. Destructive in the least. Israel has the upper administrative hand in this duel.

    5) Sun opposite Sun - need I say more…

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  4. air-algérie

    Another airplane disappears? The BBC are saying that Air Algérie have lost contact with one of their aircraft over Burkina Faso in Western Africa. The flight from aircraft from Ouagadougou to Algiers carrying 110 passengers and crew vanished 50 minutes into the flight. If this report is true, then that would be the third passenger aircraft to have a serious incident in the past week or so. Firstly we had MH17, then a TransAsia Airways crash claimed the lives of 48 people yesterday in Taiwan, and now I hear this news. What is causing this rash of air incidents and tragedies?


    This chart is based on the information I have so far. The flight disappeared from radar at 01.55 GMT and local time most probably over Mali on it’s way to Algiers. I have tried to guess the location of the flight where it could have gone down on an approximate northerly track, the one it would have taken.

    Well, what of the Astrology? Mars still in an angry and fiery square to the Sun and Jupiter does not help things. Mars at this time would have been making a very active air grand trine to the Moon, ruling people and emotions and the Midheaven signifying public news about a potentially violent event. Notice that the Moon was void of course, saying that there would be some doubt or uncertainty in what was happening here.

    The planet of transportation and vehicles Mercury (and probably the chart ruler) was currently opposite Pluto most likely in the 8th house of change and brutal events, the planet of death and destruction as well as being square to Uranus, the planet of shocks and technical faults. Pluto is also starting to oppose Venus as it progresses through Cancer. Neptune, often a disruptive influence would at this time would have been square to the Gemini Ascendant and this planet could have been ruling the 11th house of companies and groups at the time of the incident, helping the uncertainty of the news that is now breaking.

    Mercury today is sitting on the star Canopus, a rather tough star in the constellation of Carinae, the keel. This constellation is part of the wider constellation of the Argo, the great ship of the southern skies. Obviously then, there is a link to transport and finding a path, the keel directs where the ship can go, and when opposed by Pluto and squared by Uranus, any scheduled journey can be suddenly cut short, disrupted or even destroyed. Two awful incidents linked to aircraft as well as the last sailing of the wrecked Costa Concordia to the scrapyards while Mercury is on this star attests to the power of these connections.

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  5. Pisces 2014

    Those with Pisces Ascendants will find that August is a month where you will be involved in a lot of work that you may not want to do, but you know that you have to. You are not the most appreciative people of routine, but you will be of service to others now and you will have to get on with the more mundane side of things, whether you feel like it or not. August will a good month for going on a new diet and for setting yourself new fitness goals or for exploring new and maybe more unusual methods of healthcare and enlightenment.

    One area that will be more interesting will be your need to learn and to expand your knowledge. Mars will be entering the sector of your chart to do with higher learning and faith, therefore you will stand up for you stand for if you are challenged. Trips abroad and connections with foreigners may be full of action and fun during August. Towards the end of the month, you may he held to account and you may have to defend your actions and ideas. Be careful if you have legal entanglements to deal with, as the benefit of the doubt may not be on your side. A friend or group may cost you money now.

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