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    Hi Everyone. The latest Newsletter from myself will be out on Tuesday. This is the second edition and if you haven’t subscribed to it then you are rather missing out. The new edition to be published not only includes myself but also I am pleased to confirm that Astrologer Jessica Adams is going to be writing too. Jessica as you may know has a very successful website www.jessicaadams.com and she writes Astrology columns for Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar.

    So what do we have for you this time around? There are the regular features that will come along each two weeks, namely a look at the planets against the fixed stars until 30th September and also a quick rundown of all the major planetary aspects between 16th and the end of the month, so you know what to expect and how to plan your week.

    Other features in issue 2 will include :-

    Celebrity birthday natal analysis of somebody who celebrates their Solar Return between 16th and 30th Sept

    The Movement of the Major Asteroids for October to December 2014 – Jessica Adams gets out her crystal ball and looks ahead to see how the Asteroids will affect you.

    The future of Scotland and the United Kingdom – A fascinating look at the Scottish Referendum on 18th September 2014, a history lesson too and an amazing coincidence with the past.

    The Astrological Story of Jack the Ripper – I look in detail at the possible identity of the man who went down in legend as “Jack the Ripper” and yet was never caught or convicted of the crimes he committed.

    Remember the only way that you can read these articles from Jessica and myself is to subscribe to the Newsletter. At 25+ pages sent to you every couple of weeks of interesting and thought provoking Astrology, we think the Newsletter is excellent value. I hope that each week you will be able to learn something interesting by reading it. By subscribing, it also helps to keep the Solaris Astrology website, blog and Facebook page all up and running for the future. Please support me, and in the process you will keep quality Astrology writing on the internet alive and well. Thank you…

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  2. ringedplanet

    Hi everyone. I have been chatting with a few of my peers and Astrology colleagues over the past day or two, and we are starting to come to a consensus that the days of totally free Astrology will have to come to an end at some point. It’s not just myself who is thinking this, several of us are having the same thoughts.

    I put it this way to you. It takes years of study and years of practice for anyone to get to a good level doing Astrology. Like an architect or a doctor, a musician or a journalist, a teacher or a chef. All of those professionals don’t work for free, and quite frankly nor should Astrologers. We should be able to earn our keep like everyone else, as we have spent sometimes years learning our craft. It’s a reasonable argument that I am putting forth, aren’t I?

    I don’t want to beg or borrow, but earn my dues because I am pretty good at what I do. The thing is, without those of you who appreciate the work we do supporting us, Astrologers out there like myself will not be able to keep going indefinitely. If you love what I write and what we do, and I am supporting other top Astrologers as well, please pay for the newsletters and subscribe to our paid pages. Keep us going, and I promise that I personally will continue to advise you, to inspire you and to educate as well.

    Thank you for supporting me if you have ever purchased reports, spoke with me directly or paid up for my work, and I hope you will all continue to do so…


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  3. The next Solaris Astrology Newsletter is out on 16th September including some exclusive Astrology content not featured on my Tumblr blog, my websites or on Twitter. This month’s edition will include an article written by World Famous Astrologer for Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, Jessica Adams…

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  4. Cilic 1

    I has a look at Kei Nishikori yesterday and today I look at the potential fortunes of Marin Cilic, the conqueror or Roger Federer in the 2nd semi final. He is a Libran, born 28 Sept 1988 in Medjugorie, Bosnia (no birth time). Anyone born in that part of the world had a tough upbringing in the 90’s with war raging all around in the 90’s and his chart is quite a challenging one. Despite all this, he has the battled through to make it to the pinnacle of the Men’s tennis circuit, and for that he deserves great credit.

    MarianCilic natal

    Marin is a Libran and his Sun is part of a grand cross that sits on his natal chart. The Sun is opposed to sporting Mars in Aries making him very active and giving him a will to win, it makes a square to his natal Neptune so he creative, intuitive and knows the meaning of sacrifice and also a square to Chiron which shows a bit of a maverick side, but he will also know pain and hurt very well.

    He was banned for drug taking a couple of years ago, apparently through a supplement he took that took unknowingly within it, and the Neptune Chiron opposition here as part of this grand cross on his chart shows this up very well. Wounding (Chiron) and suffering due to medication (Neptune) affecting him (Sun) and his sporting career (Mars). One quality that those with Chiron square the Sun do have is a tough and determined side, they can overcome the odds stacked against them. Jupiter trines his Sun and is sextile to his Mars therefore his sporting exploits will give him worldwide attention.

    There is a lot of intensity on this chart and strong emotions as his Moon potentially opposes Pluto. The Moon in Taurus gives him steady emotions and a good temperament in general but every so often I suspect he will do something irrational or silly, just though obsession or because he can’t help himself. This again is shown through his Uranus Saturn conjunction sextile to Mercury. He will have good reactions and he will normally be disciplined but that Uranus influence can either be brilliant or unpredictable. I don’t suppose he knows what he will do from one day to the next and I feel that when he is on a roll he will be unstoppable, but at other times he will get bogged down and will lack the inspiration needed to beat the very best opponents. With this Mercury in egalitarian Libra I don’t see a truly ruthless side to him that the very top guys have. He may be happy to use his physical assets to get him 95% of the way. He is 6ft 6in or 1.98m tall and he has a booming serve, but does he have the killer instinct and the agility to kill off just as determined opponents? Is this going to be enough?

    MarianCilic transits

    In looking at the two ahead of the final tomorrow, Cilic has the Pisces full Moon directly hitting his North Node and this could be a really good or bad omen for him. Will it be the breakthrough and reveal a champion in the making, or will the Sun on his South Node drain his energy? Mars is making a square to his natal Venus is sparky and transiting Jupiter squares Pluto, so anything may be possible for him. The other big downside for him is that Mercury will square that Neptune Chiron opposition and this may restrict his speed and movement. It this the influence of the quicksilver Nishikori who opposes him across the net?


    I looked at Kei Nishikori yesterday. He has the same Jupiter square to Pluto as Cilic has so no advantage here as they are of a similar age but he has far more powerful transits (see yesterday) and the Pisces Full Moon makes easy going trines to his natal Capricorn stellium, and on that basis I take Nishikori to win, maybe in 4 or 5 sets.


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  5. Moon over fields

    The approaching Full Moon on the 9th September indicates the end of the latest Astrological cycle and what a rough one it has been? It occurs in Pisces the final sign in the zodiac and a release point for this lunar year. We have completed another lunar journey and quite appropriately this is a harvest new Moon, the time when we reap what we have sown. The Full Moon reveals the true extent of the actions we have taken in the past few months and in harvest terms it is now time to gather in the crops that were planted and sown back in the spring. From this point the plants start to wither and die as the Sun gets lower in the skies, the days draw in and the dark of the autumn and winter months loom in to view. Another Astrological cycle is ending, but a new one will soon begin. The decisions we make now therefore are crucial.


    The Full Moon in Pisces will occur at 02.37 hrs London time on 9th September during the early morning in Europe and the Middle East, in the afternoon in Australia or in the evening of the 8th September in the United States. The axis that is highlighted during a full Moon in Pisces is the one highlighting service (Virgo) and sacrifice (Pisces). Always remember that any full Moon is an opposition between the two bodies that affect our earth the most, the lord of the daytime, the Sun and the lord of the night, the Moon. It is time to worry less about the details of the situation that we are in, the practical matters that we are worrying about and to trust our intuitions and our beliefs more. This is not a time for practical ideas to solve the difficult situations we are in, no we should feel and sense what to do, to run with our instincts and let them guide us.

    This New Moon will highlight the pain and suffering that lies in our hearts and we may have to endure a certain amount of wounding before we can heal ourselves again. This new Moon at 16 degrees Pisces is a degree away from Chiron, and all of us may have to face up to issues that hark back to our pasts, even our back to our childhood days in some cases, times that saw us growing and developing. Hurtful times from then are being illuminated by the opposing Virgo Sun, times when we made material decisions over intuitive ones, decisions we may now regret? It may be time to swallow some pride, admit we were wrong and suffer the consequences. We may have been sitting in solitude for much of the past few months, hoping our troubles would disappear. They won’t, and now the Sun shines its spotlight directly on us sitting in the corner on our own trying to hide away. Take the hit, make a sacrifice that will hurt and move on it is telling us to do.

    The next aspect that this full Moon will make is a trine to Saturn which will close in soon after the full Moon has occurred. This is an aspect of realisation that we have to take responsibility for our actions and what we have done recently. This is a practical reminder to keep our feet on the ground and to put some foundations in the earth for a new season. It’s just like clearing the field after you have collected the fruit of the harvest, digging it up and making good for the seasons to come. It says to us accept your losses with grace and there is hope around the corner, the harvest may not have been a good one this year but it can be better next time around.

    What other aspects are working at this full Moon? Venus and Neptune are in an opposition too across the same Virgo/Pisces service and sacrifice axis and this highlights relationships and financial issues. Have we been working too hard for a partner, making too many sacrifices for them, spending our hard earned money and not getting back any love in return? If you are making any relationship pledges under this full Moon, beware. This is not a time to get involved with someone new, especially if they are calling out for help and you are responding. Yes, this opposition brings idealised love, those rose tinted spectacles will be on and you will not see the imperfections in anything or anyone but they do and will exist. Love and romance may flow now, social situations will be perfect beyond belief and the drink may flow, but you won’t be able to see the wood from the trees. If you are that kind of person that does not worry about love and commitment and just wants to have a good time, you wont get hurt now. If you are more the kind who wants loyalty and permanence about your love life, tread carefully. There may be ulterior motives that lie beneath the surface with partners and lovers that may lie hidden if you are just starting up or come into full view if you are already in a committed union. Is your partner being honest? Do they have a secret? Are they letting you down? Are you hiding money from people, are you being dishonest with it? Are they doing the same? All will be revealed now, or in the future.

    Mercury is approaching a square to Pluto, so any situation that we want to investigate we will be able to, and those dirty secrets may be dredged up soon enough. This is an aspect where we may be pushed into a corner through a letter or an email, a phone call or a message. Need some financial advice or need to speak to someone in a powerful position? Now’s the time to push the button, arrange that meeting or make the call, although don’t expect them to completely play ball. You may have to change your position to make some progress. This is also an aspect of analysing oneself more deeply, of looking inside and making those transformational decisions that can change your life. Jupiter is approaching a trine to Uranus in the coming weeks, so any ideas and plans we have now which are radical new and expansive will be give chance to work well, if we act now and make an effort.

    Yes this is a powerful full Moon and it will ask a lot of questions of us in the next week. Remember this is a time of letting things go so that the new cycle that comes into view in the weeks ahead will be a successful one. If you make the brave and correct decisions now, ones that may initially hurt you, healing and redemption will eventually come in time.

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