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South Korean Ferry capsizes with over 400 on board

Ferry disaster

There has been an awful tragedy in the seas south of the South Korean mainland. A ferry travelling from Incheon to the island of Jeju sank just before reaching it’s destination, a distress call was given out just before 09.00 am local time. The ferry to all reports had 459 people on board, many of whom were young high school students. At the latest reports two people have died but a shocking 295 are still missing, indicating to me that this ferry capsized very quickly and without much warning.

SouthKoreaFerry natal

The Astrology chart of the accident has the Moon still in an opposition to the Sun after the eclipse but it had moved around to make a trine to Neptune and Venus in the 10th house indicating that this was an public incident. The Moon obviously shows a connection to people, Neptune a connection to the seas and oceans and Venus also indicates a social element. Venus on this chart rules the 12th house of unseen events and suffering (via Taurus) and the 5th house via Libra, the house of children. This accident beyond all others will be remembered for the almost 300 children who were on board, many of whom may have perished.

Of course we had the cardinal cross in action at the time of the accident, Uranus the planet of accidents and shocks conjunct to Mercury the planet of transportation making aspect to Mars retrograde (action that is misdirected) thus the possibility of a transportation accident was higher than normal. Pluto the planet of destruction is in the mix in this cross and so is Jupiter which expands the scales of everything it touches and gives an international flavour too. Any matter or accident was going to be a big one that would reverberate around the world. This one with hundreds of children involved unfortunately falls into this category.

It is also very interesting to note that Saturn at the time of the eclipse and the accident was and still is unaspected. The only connection it made was a square to the Aquarian Midheaven of this chart. Is Saturn unaspected being unusually strong here, thus increasing the chance of a public tragedy or accident (Aquarius)?

I also notice one other thing about this chart. I don’t often use Black Moon Lilith, however because it’s position is determined by the Moon, it is interesting to see that the Moon was making an exact square to the position of BML - 4 degrees Scorpio to 4 degrees Leo. BML herself was making just one other aspect, a nasty inconjunct aspect to Neptune. Even I as a seasoned Astrologer have yet to fully work out the true mysteries of Black Moon Lilith, but her dark shadow does seem to hang over this tragedy quite profoundly.

SouthKorea transits

This leads me to look at the tragedy against the South Korean natal chart (15/08/1948 – midnight – Seoul) and there the picture is most interesting. The South Korean natal chart has the Sun at 21 Leo, Mercury and Saturn in conjunction at 24 and 25 Leo trine to the Moon at 24 Sagittarius. All these planets received a sextile from the Lunar eclipse point at 25 Libra, the eclipse hit at the midpoint between these planets. Remember the Moon rules the people, Mercury rules transportation and Saturn rules loss and mourning. The effect of any eclipse is often detrimental and it has proven so again this time.

The triple conjunction of the Sun, Mercury and Saturn all in Leo in the SK 4th house have been under a square aspects from that currently unaspected Saturn in the past few weeks, so some tough situations were likely to occur to this nation. At the actual time of the accident, the Moon had moved around to 4 degrees Scorpio making an exact inconjunct aspect to the South Korean Ascendant which has been receiving a square from transiting Neptune for some time now. You will see that the grand cardinal cross still tightening as I write is impacting the natal SK Neptune and Mars, with retrograde Mars sitting right on top of the SK natal Mars. Mars, through Aries affects the SK 12th house, so unforeseen action here causes suffering and sacrifice. This aspect also highlights the tensions that have been apparent on the Korean peninsular in the past couple of weeks between the North and the South. The SK Neptune is being attacked by all the four planets in the cardinal cross, so it is not surprising that a maritime disaster has affected this nation.

All in all, this is an accident that may have affected so many families, and my heart goes out to all of those who have been affected…

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Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp - Looking a little deeper.

Oscar & Reeva

Last year in February a week after the shooting of Reeva Steenkamp I wrote the following article. I am republishing it now as the trial of Oscar Pistorius continues. The views held and comments I make in the following article come from the Astrology that I saw at the time, and it is interesting to read what I though then compared to what we know now. I hope you find it a fascinating read… 

A picture of happier times. I don’t know when this picture was taken, but at this point in their lives Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp looked very content in each other’s company. They appeared the perfect couple and in South Africa they were seen that way, but now their relationship will remain infamous for evermore. I have waited a few days to let the dust settle before having a closer look at how they related as people on the astrology chart and what activated the awful events of Valentine’s day at Oscar’s home.

Oscar Reeva synastry

First up, a look at the synastry between them. Oscar has a watery and intense Scorpio Sun and Reeva was an ebullient and proud Leo and both these Suns were in a square aspect. These were essentially two different people, one quiet and emotional and one loving the highlife and full of optimism, but for sure they were both very strong willed. Now fire and water don’t normally mix, however with Oscar’s Moon in Leo complementing her Sun and her Moon in steady Capricorn a good and stable companion for his Scorpio Sun, these placements would have made this fire and water mixture a little more bearable. With Reeva’s Venus in Virgo sextile to his Venus in Scorpio and trine his natal Neptune, there was definitely compassion and friendship that they shared. Her Jupiter was conjunct his Sun and his Moon could well have been sextile his Mercury and/or Jupiter (we don’t know what time she was born) so these were potentially optimistic, expansive and fun connections between them. Were they able to communicate? With his Mercury in Scorpio and her Mercury in Virgo, he would have been quiet, probing and secretive and she would have been modest, practical but also somewhat critical. At least these signs are in sextile aspect so the relationship between these Mercury’s although not perfect would have been quite satisfactory for them to get on.

Now there were three aspects here that made me raise my eyebrows. Firstly Oscar’s Moon was square to Reeva’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction and her Mars sat on Oscar’s Moon. Trust me this was not an easy combination to deal with. Saturn tends to pour cold water on the proud Leo Moon, Pluto shows control and together they would have taken the fun out of the relationship between then. At times, being together would have more like an obligation that an enjoyable experience. Yes Saturn brings stability, but these were two high profile people, and would Oscar have been willing to accept Reeva dominating the partnership as Saturn/Pluto square to the Moon is apt to do? Remember, Oscar is a Scorpio himself, and Scorpios fear being dominated and losing control of any situation.

The combination of this Saturn square as well as the Mars conjunction to his Leo Moon would have been annoying and frustrating to Oscar in equal measures, and adding in the effect of her critical Mercury in Virgo would have added fuel to the fire if she disagreed with something he did. Oscar in the meanwhile because of his Scorpio nature, would have bottled up his emotions until he was ready to explode. When that explosion came, it would have been quite violent as his Mars opposed her Sun, so he would be very direct in his anger towards her. So in time it came to pass. One other aspect takes my eye. Oscar’s Uranus is in conjunction with Reeva’s South Node. This is an association that often begins and ends suddenly, often in unusual circumstances. With Reeva’s Mercury square to his Uranus, she would have been fascinated by him but their relationship would have constantly been “on edge”, and this could have lead to sudden arguments.

With Uranus’ nature for shocking events on her point of detriment, the South Node, the constant state of tension between them through Mercury and Uranus, the critical Saturn/Pluto square to his Moon, the angry Mars Moon conjunction and Mars Sun oppositions and the fact that they were different people with different objectives, this was not the easiest of relationships despite some of the more favourable aspects and optimism that I explained earlier.

OscarPistoriusReevaSt compOscarPistoriusReevaSte transits

So what was happening astrologically the night that Oscar shot Reeva?  I have included 2 charts above, their composite chart and the composite chart against the planets at the time of the murder. I am a great believer that the picture of the chart tells the story and in the composite chart, Mars sits alone as an anchor point, counterbalancing the rest of the planets. It suggests to me that this was a competitive couple, active yes, physically attracted to each other, yes with Mars trine to the ascendant as well, but also argumentative too. Composite Mars was opposed by composite Saturn conjunct the composite South Node so this would have acted as a restrictive blocker, all that energy and spirit would have drained away in damaging disputes. It’s like when one wanted to do something positive, the other would refuse and say no. This would set off the disagreements. With composite Jupiter at the point of a wedge formation those disagreements may have escalated and got out of hand.

It’s a shame that this composite chart was compromised by this difficult opposition as it also showed a Sun Moon conjunction that was really settling and appreciative of each other, a Sun Venus conjunction which showed love and friendship, a Mars Jupiter trine that was active and adventurous, and a Uranus sextile to Mercury and the Sun which was sparky and individualistic. Oscar and Reeva would have really liked each other, but I believe that an uneasy truce would have kept the deeper disagreements at bay for only so long.

That Mars Saturn opposition was being hit by the North Node on Valentine’s day, so fate was going to play it’s part in their relationship in some manner around this time. As has been hinted in the bail hearings so far, I think an argument set off the events of the day that lead to the shooting. Transiting Mercury, the planet of communication was inconjunct their composite Sun and was square their composite Uranus, and knowing from their synastry chart that this was a relationship that lived on the edge, Mercury would have triggered the trip wire.

Transiting Venus was at this point square their natal Mars  (by 0:08 degrees) and was approaching a square to Saturn too, thus activating that nasty Mars Saturn opposition on their composite chart, so in my estimation the relationship had hit a critical point. Transiting Uranus was opposed to composite Venus (although separating) so instability had been in the air I think for a little while, and transiting Pluto was approaching a square to their composite Sun, so this relationship would have been transformed in a big way anyway, had not this tragic event happened first.

The critical point however which was almost exact on this chart lies yet deeper. Transiting Saturn at the time of the event was 0:04 degrees from the composite Saturn/Pluto midpoint for them. This point Reinhold Ebertin calls a place of place of “hard labour, cruelty and violence”. Transiting Saturn was also conjunct the composite Sun/Uranus midpoint and Ebertin says that this connection shows “rebellion against limitation of freedom, Inhibitions and difficulties overcome through extraordinary efforts. Sudden separation, sudden loss, separation from another person carried out in haste”.

Put it all together. I think that an argument set off a series of events in their relationship which on the surface looked fine but beneath was unstable at best. Along comes transiting Saturn and Mercury to set off Oscar’s already boiling emotions. The midpoints tell the story of what happened next…  


Posted 14th Feb 2013    Oscar Pistorius – Arrested for shooting his girlfriend and charged with murder.


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Monthly Ascendant or Rising Sign Horoscope Predictions for April 2014

Please click on your Ascendant or Rising Sign to read your monthly prediction for the month of April 2014





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Frankie Knuckles - Legendary DJ, house music composer and re-mixer passes away aged just 59.


This is a bit of a personal tribute from myself as I used to play house music, I was a DJ many years ago and Frankie Knuckles was without doubt one on the guys I looked up to more than any other. One of the original Chicago house DJs, he was responsible for the classic Robert Owens track “Tears”, “One Love”, “The Whistle Song” and he remixed many tracks from Michael Jackson to Diana Ross, Chaka Khan to Alison Limerick, Candi Staton, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross and Toni Braxton. Only this weekend he was spinning his tunes at the legendary Ministry of Sound in London, and now he has left us. I understand he suffered with type 2 diabetes and through complications with this condition, he suddenly passed away yesterday. 

FrankieKnuckles natal

Frankie was born on 18th Jan 1955 in the Bronx, NYC so he was a Sun Capricorn closely conjunct to Chiron, the maverick. That Sun and Chiron conjunction was part of a wider t-square opposing Jupiter and Uranus in Cancer squaring onto Neptune in Libra, the musical planet in the sign of balance. From this t-square you can see where he came from. A pioneer with Sun Chiron opposite Uranus (as well as Mars being in Aries) who hit worldwide fame (Jupiter) paying and composing music (Neptune). Jupiter and Uranus gave him a very positive and high-spirited attitude to life, Jupiter in Cancer was working well as Jupiter is exalted in this sign. Frankie I think would have been a warm generous guy who made everyone around him feel special.

Why house music? Well look at the planets and signs. Capricorn is the sign of structure, Uranus connected to technology, Neptune in Libra shows equilibrium, the rhythm of house is all important. Frankie had soul and emotion running through him though and his Moon probably in Scorpio trine to Jupiter and Uranus in Cancer (all water signs) showed he had plenty of that. His Moon (probably) square to Pluto indicated intense deep swirling emotions within him as well. This Moon would have been part of a larger kite structure connected to that Mars in Aries and Sun/Chiron showing he had plenty of talent at his disposal. He had Mercury in technologically adept Aquarius sextile to Venus in lively Sagittarius so here was someone who appreciated design and had a creative side to his nature, he would also have loved a party and social events with friends and colleagues.

Saturn in Scorpio square to Mercury and Pluto indicated someone who may have been quite guarded, he would have been very organised maybe passionately so, he was a survivor and had a deep resolve when the chips were down. Those with Saturn in Scorpio sometimes come an authority in a Scorpionic subject and more so when Pluto is involved as well. The underground scene where Frankie learned his trade in the dark clubs and warehouses of Chicago is a perfect Scorpionic example. This is a very controlled position and the emotion within Frankie I think came out through his work and music rather than through his character.    

Frankie was someone who lead the music world into a new era and whether you appreciated house or not at that time, his importance to popular music and the influence that he had over it will last forever.

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Deadly Ebola virus spreading in West Africa at a rapid rate.

ebola virus

There is a disturbing situation starting to take hold in Western Africa and looking at the Astrology it is even more perilous. The deadly Ebola virus that can kill up to 90% of all the victims that catch it is spreading at an “unprecedented” rate according  to Médecins Sans Frontières. As I write there is no vaccine for Ebola and thus no cure. The outbreak began recently in Guinea, but it has also been seen in Liberia as well. There have been 5 suspected cases in Sierra Leone and Senegal as a precaution has shut it’s land border. This is a very, very infectious disease and with life in that part of the world being more and more interconnected between West African nations, we could be seeing the seeds of a very nasty situation starting to develop.

EbolaZaireStrain natal

The first reported case of the Zaire strain of the Ebola virus, the one that is currently starting to affect West Africa in 2014 was seen on 26th August 1976 in Yambuku, Zaire, now called the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ebola is a water bourn disease that initially came from the Ebola river that runs through the DRC. The chart for that day that it was initially diagnosed sees a very tricky mini grand trine. Saturn makes a trine to Neptune and Pluto sits focused at the midpoint of these two planets. As you will remember if you read my blog, Saturn and Neptune when they hook up bring the potential for disease (Neptune) and loss (Saturn). This is a debilitating connection as Neptune dissolves the structure that Saturn normally brings, it weakens and breaks things down. If you put the planet of destruction and death at the midpoint of these two planets, then we have a really difficult situation. The energy of these three planets moves around this mini grand trine without hindrance through the easy going sextiles and trine and suddenly you can imagine that this set-up could produce a deadly disease. Uranus at that time was conjunct to the North Node and square to Saturn, so here we were seeing something unexpected, potentially shocking and new that in time might return unexpectedly. Notice the aspects to the Sun on that day. Uranus through a sextile provides a surprising event, Neptune through a square weakens the solar energy and the square to Jupiter allows expansion.

Now this picture is important if you look at the progressions to it. That progressed and debilitated Sun is now just 0.06 degrees from an exact conjunction with the natal Pluto sitting at the point of the mini grand trine I referred to earlier. Reinhold Ebertin in his wonderful book “The Combination of Stellar Influences” says of Pluto sitting the midpoint of Neptune and Saturn that it brings the potential of a “serious illness”. That progressed Sun is now activating this natal chart.

Guinea natal

The country of Guinea where the latest outbreak of Ebola started was formed at midnight in Conakry on 2nd October 1958 as she gained independence from France. This chart is quite a alarming one if you take the current planetary movements into account.

Guinea has a Cancerian Ascendant and an Aries Midheaven and you can see that the angles of this chart lie between 12 and 14 degrees of the cardinal signs. Yes, they are directly in the firing line of the Grand Cardinal Cross forming at this moment. This chart is also very disturbing for a number of reasons. Firstly look at the Neptune Jupiter conjunction sextile to Pluto, secondly the Pluto quindecile to Chiron and thirdly Uranus opposing Chiron square to the Moon. Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Scorpio in the 4th house sextile to Pluto could show the possibility for a widely spreading (Jupiter) illness (Neptune) that could be quite dangerous (Pluto). Pluto making the quindecile to Chiron itself is a nasty connection as Chrion the planet of wounding sits in Pluto’s house, the 8th. Here unfortunately is the possibility for pain and death on a grand scale. Chiron opposing Uranus could suggest suffering (Chrion) that comes unexpectedly (Uranus) affecting the general population (Moon). The Midheaven is ruled by Aries and Mars which rules this sign is squared by Pluto. Here is the signal for a destructive and public event once that Midheaven is activated. Now at this time, it is.

Guinea transits 

You can see Jupiter on the Ascendant, Pluto opposing on the Descendant both square to Uranus at the Midheaven. The Midheaven is under fire by the ruler of the 8th house of death, Uranus (Aquarius on the cusp). All the angles of this chart will be activated once Mars gets to the IC towards the end of the month. Neptune the planet of illness is moving in the 8th, opposing destructive Pluto and inconjunct to the Guinea Sun. Neptune in also making a trine to the Jupiter Neptune conjunction, almost exacerbating the situation as the energy can move very easily here, again we have the potential for almost unlimited spreading and infection. Saturn is opposing the Guinea Moon representing the population, so loss and mourning may hit the people now. Just the look of the chart and the amount of stressful aspects shows that the stresses and strains that this African country and it’s people must be under.

I think of this potential crisis in much bigger and wider terms because of the impending Cardinal Cross as things will begin and be given impetus under it, and in the article that I wrote I also mentioned that this formation could send events spinning out of control. The suddenness of this outbreak as well as infectious and dangerous nature of Ebola worries me, because of the timing of it coinciding with one of the most disturbing planetary formations that we have seen in a long time.

We have seen the threat of Aids and bird flu and the panic that spread across the world in recent years, and the Ebola virus according to the Astrology charts (if the one I have is correct) seems ready to undergo a transformation itself. In my eyes, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the threat of an epidemic lies here waiting to happen. Now in the Western World I am sure that the precautions and medical facilities we have could contain this disease if it were to appear, but in Africa and in other poorer areas of the globe, many dangers would exist if it were to spread exponentially.

This is one story to very much keep an eye on, as it may get potentially much more serious in the weeks to come… 

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