1. Oscar-De-La-Renta

    It’s a day when men named Oscar are in the news. The Dominican fashion designer Oscar de la Renta has passed away. He was one of the fashion designers of choice for many rich, powerful and influential ladies, his first real well know client being Jackie Kennedy. His creations became a byword for elegance and beauty and many said that he had a knack for making women look and feel beautiful.

    OscardelaRenta natal

    He was either a Sun Cancerian or maybe a Leo if he had been born very late on 22nd July 1932 in Santo Domingo (no birth time). He had a Sun Saturn opposition, showing to be a serious and disciplined man but one with much ambition too. His Jupiter Mercury in flashy Leo and Neptune in careful Virgo conjunction indicates a creative and imaginative mind who wanted to make a worldwide statement through his creative and imaginative ideas that would be seen in the spotlight. This conjunction made a set of trines to Uranus, indicating a man with a lot of talent and innovation at his fingertips.

    The Sun probably in Cancer as well as Pluto in this sign trine to the Moon in creative Pisces shows a love for and maybe a bit of an obsessional feeling for women. This is a lovely set of water trines, deep feelings and his emotions in tune with his natural energy. The Moon also makes a sextile to Saturn, showing that the inspiration of women and connections to the public and to females would be part of his work and career.

    The very creative Moon is also in conjunction with Venus and Mars in Gemini, the sign of being good with the hands in making things. This is a conjunction that is also excellent for making and creating designs. The squares here from Venus and Mars to the Moon are feisty and fun, always on the go and very flirtatious. This man would have been a real charmer. Venus here is sextile to Jupiter and Mercury emphasizing the accent in this chart for design, beauty and fashion. Suave and sophisticated and in touch with his feelings, he was a very creative man who truly connected with the women of the world.

    He passes into spirit very interestingly just before the Solar Eclipse on Thursday at 0 Scorpio which would have made a direct square to his natal Sun at 29 Cancer - did this passing pre-empt the eclipse?

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  2. Oscar Pistorius

    So now we know. Oscar Pistorius has been sent to prison with a 5 year sentence that will probably end up with parole and remission at about just 10 months behind bars. I think he got off rather lightly for a crime that I think was a little more serious and possibly premeditated than he and his defence council let on.

    OscarPistorius sentence

    He goes to jail as transiting Chiron, the wounded healer is sitting on Jupiter the planet of justice and square to Saturn. Jupiter square to Saturn literally can be seen as a restriction of liberty and for the acts he has done he is now wounded. One will hope that while he is in jail he will be rehabilitated in some way, very representative of the way Chiron works. It’s also interesting that Saturn in his public 10th house is inconjunct to his natal Chiron in the 5th house of individuality and pleasure, therefore another aspect of authority imposing a wounding and healing sentence and the separation of the trapping of enjoyable life that he has been used to for a much more austere regime.

    This is a turning point for him as sentence comes as he has his half Nodal return, transiting North Node hitting his detrimental South Node in the 9th house of the law.

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  3. Newsletter-banner-14

    It’s soon time for the latest edition of the Solaris Astrology Newsletter, which I will be sending out in a couple of days. In this edition I will be focusing on the October eclipses and how they will be affecting some notable people and countries around the globe. There will be a round up of the news with an Astrological slant to it as well as a celebrity analysis, this time a Scorpio lady. As always there will be a complete rundown of the fixed star connections between the 16th Oct and the end of the month too.

    Everything in the Newsletter is exclusive and available via subscription only, you will not see this content anywhere else on my personal websites. At 25+ pages sent to you every couple of weeks of interesting and thought provoking Astrology, I think the Newsletter is excellent value. I hope that each week you will be able to learn something new and interesting by reading it. By subscribing, it also helps to keep the Solaris Astrology website, blog and Facebook Page all up and running for the future. Please support me, and in the process you will keep quality Astrology writing on the internet alive and well. Thank you…

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    shy lion

    Sometimes I try to tackle difficult issues head on on my page and this morning I want to look at shyness or inhibition. I have never posted my own natal chart online before but I do it today to illustrate a point. I am painfully shy and inhibited and have been as long as I can remember. I hide behind my work and the computer keyboard and through the way I write you can see my true character, but if you were to meet me in person and get to know me, you would realise that I have a lot of personal issues. I hope by sharing some, I can hopefully try to get over a condition that has plagued me and held me back for years on end.

    PaulSaunders natal

    Shyness comes from fear, fear of oneself, I also think it has something to do with the way your brain is wired. If you are shy, you get very self-conscious, sensitive to criticism and this can lead to two outcomes. Either you sit in the corner and hide away or because of trying to overcompensate too much for your lack of social skills you become outspoken, clumsy and awkward. I have suffered all my life with both. When I am out I literally cannot let go and make a fool of myself. It affects my friendships, relationships, work, intimacy so many things. Let me tell you, being a guy who is inhibited and shy is a real curse and a real turn off with women too. Those of us with shyness cannot of find it incredibly difficult to initiate relationships of all kinds. I know it all too well.

    To the Astrology and my own chart. I was born just to the west of London on 2nd August 1967 at 11.40 am. Immediately you’ll see that I am a sun sign Leo conjunct to Jupiter sitting in the public 10th house. I have a sociable Libran Ascendant and a chatty Gemini Moon. On that basis, how on earth can I be anything other than outgoing? There is a reason that I am. The placement of Saturn on my chart.
    Saturn is the planet in fear and in my chart it sits in detriment in Aries directly opposite to my Ascendant. That Saturn let me tell you is a killer as it puts fear into myself (Ascendant) and into my relationships (Descendant). It forms an inconjunct aspect to my natal Venus in the 11th house of friends, my chart ruler so here is an awkwardness that I suffer from, difficult things happen to me that mean that I am always having to adjust, nothing is straight forward in regard to myself (Venus rules Ascendant), my friends and groups (11th house), I feel fear with friends and groups and also with intimacy and sexual matters too (Venus rules 8th house). I am being straight and honest here, coming out with my problems in a most open manner.

    You’ll also see that Saturn squares my Midheaven, the point of career on my chart and my natal Mercury, the way my mind works. Saturn makes me work very hard for anything that I achieve in a professional manner through the connection to the Midheaven, easy solutions don’t come my way. More pertinently, the square to my natal Mercury is really difficult as it affects the way I think. I can be harshly critical of others and also harshly critical of myself. It does give me a matter of fact way of seeing the world, but in public situations (10th house Mercury) and in those important one to one moments, I can never say or rarely do the right thing, I truly fear saying what I really think. I suppose that I don’t have Mercury retrograde or in the more timid and fearful signs of Virgo or Capricorn, otherwise I would be a hermit who never came out to face the world.

    All this over the years have combined to make me a very sheltered person, someone who has trouble in letting go, in showing my emotions, in really living a fulfilling life. I get so frustrated, as I want to let go and to live the way others do, but I am terrified of showing myself up, of looking like an idiot. Saturn is a stern voice inside my head admonishing me, blocking me, telling me no you can’t.

    If ever in Astrology you see Saturn affecting the Sun, the Ascendant or any of the other personal planets you’ll know that some inhibition does lie within the personality and it will need someone or something to bring that shyness out. I always think that in time (Saturn rules the concept of time) one will eventually get over some of the things that hold you back, but you may need help of others, especially if the 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th or 11th houses are involved.

    Are you shy, timid or suffer from inhibition like I do? Would you like to share your experiences with me. Remember, a problem shared can be a problem halved. Get in touch and let me know. Come out and start to let those fears start to go…

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  5. Mercury retrograde

    Mercury is now retrograde for the next 3 weeks in Scorpio but mainly in Libra until Saturday 25th October. When it turns you will go into a review period in your life as you examine what is going right and what isn’t. What part of you life is being affected? Here’s a handy little guide if you know your Rising sign. If you don’t click here to find out - Find your Rising or Ascendant sign…

    Libra Rising - Mercury is moving retrograde in your 1st House so these areas of life may be affected. The front door to one’s world and your self-Image, your reaction to your environment; how others see you, your physical characteristics, your outer personality and how one initiates action and beginnings in your life.

    Virgo Rising - Mercury will be in your 2nd house affecting the process of what you value and how you do it, your self worth, your attitudes towards money and possessions as well as your income and finally your emotional attachments to objects.

    Leo Rising souls will find Mercury in your 3rd house affecting communications of all types, your mind, your early and immediate environment, learning and relations with relatives including brothers and sisters, using any sort of transport or making any short journeys.

    Cancer Rising individuals will find Mercury affecting your 4th house, so home and family issues will crop up, how you are is in private, matters affecting the ‘background’ parent or normally the mother, also matters to do with houses and real estate.

    Gemini Rising people have Mercury in their 5th House. This will affect the way you express yourself spontaneously, your children, how you give love to those closest to you, love affairs, leisure activities and taking risks.

    Taurus Rising has Mercury in your 6th house affecting your daily routine, your work, your practical skills and techniques, your relations with employers and employees as well as health issues.

    Aries Rising finds Mercury moving in your 7th House of one to one encounters, your partners including spouses, matters to do with lawsuits and challenges, your open enemies, how you cooperate or compete with others too.

    Pisces Rising will see Mercury retrograde in their 8th House. This will affect anything you share, intense relationships and sex, matters to do with other people’s money and possessions, legacies, death and rebirth and Mercury’s movements may effect some permanent change in your life.

    Aquarius rising has Mercury in your 9th House allowing you to review your belief systems; any matters to do with higher education and training, dealings with teachers, foreign travel and connections abroad (make sure your travel insurance is ok), matters of religion and the spirit of the law.

    Capricorn rising individuals have Mercury currently retrograde in their 10th House. This will see them looking at their public role and status, their career; any volunteer work you do, your ambitions and the influence you wield, how you set out to achieve your aims, the dominant parent in your life which is normally your father, any relations with authority figures and your tendency to be dominant or dominated.

    Sagittarius rising people have Mercury in their 11th House this time around. This will tend to affect your need to and the way that you make contact with others, how you receive love, your friendships, social groups that you are a part of, your shared hopes and ideals as well as group or team activities that you do.

    Finally those with a Scorpio Ascendant have Mercury retrograde in their 12th House. This will affect their unconscious self, what you project onto your intimate relationships, your dreams and your hidden fears, those enemies who remain secretly against you and their actions, breakdowns in your life, matters of sacrifice and service to a greater cause, also connections to hospitals, clinics, prisons and any situation connected to confinement.

    If you want to read more astrology from myself connected to world events, celebrities and fixed stars why not subscribe to my bi-monthly newsletter. In the last edition published on Wednesday 1st October, George Clooney gets married, Kim Jung Un gets ill, a retrospective on the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, a celeb birthday profile and lots of fixed stars. The next one arrives on 16th October 2014…

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